Leveraging Student Opinion to Drive Teacher Effectiveness

CoursEval is a cost-effective, online evaluation tool that provides instructors, students, and administrators with critical feedback used to foster the continual improvement of teaching and learning, and ultimately student success.

Key Benefits

  • Increase Student Engagement CoursEval’s simple layout, single sign-on, reminders, support for team taught courses, and mobile features increase student participation and applicability.
  • Integrate with Existing Campus Systems CoursEval is compatible with current and future campus systems, is ADA compliant, LTI enabled, and integrates seemlessly with Blackboard®, Jenzabar®, Instructure Canvas®, MoodleTM, Sakai® and Epsilen.
  • Gain Applicable Feedback through Customized Evaluations Higher education institutions (traditional, professional, online), districts, departments, and instructors utilize custom and faculty-added question capabilities to deliver customized evaluation and garner actionable feedback.
  • Enable Strategic Decision Making CoursEval's reporting tool enables users to make real-time, data-driven decisions regarding instructors, courses, and teaching methods.



Unlimited Customized Surveys

Whether deploying for the first time or the tenth time, surveys are quickly prepared and released according to your campus schedule. Customizable and attractive welcome messages and pages encourage student and faculty participation, which increases response rates. To make things even easier, set-up files are quickly imported into CoursEval using standard templates.

Actionable Intelligence

CoursEval allows for fast and regular intelligence that can drive ongoing improvement to curriculum development, teaching methodologies, student affairs and many other aspects of postsecondary recruitment, retention, education and advancement initiatives. Review results at the course, department, division or campus level with comparative reporting across all levels.

Web & Mobile Access

A well-designed, web-based evaluation process can deliver higher response rates compared to paper-based processes. Web-based evaluations improve the student experience by increasing anonymity and ease of access, while meeting students where they live - online.

Integration with your LMS / SIS / ERP System

CoursEval is ADA and LTI compliant which can be used for secure single-sign-on to launch CoursEval, embed surveys, and embed reports within any LMS that is an LTI compliant tool, such as Canvas™ and Desire2Learn™. CoursEval also integrates with Blackboard, Jenzabar, Moodle, Sakai and Epsilen using our standard plug-ins.


CoursEval serves hundreds of large and small colleges, health profession schools, K-12 schools, and training programs from across the globe. With a 98% retention rate, our broad institutional client base uses CoursEval to unlock the power of aggregated data on student learning.

Some of our customers include:

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