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Built specifically for New York schools, DataCation Compass is an education-based dashboard founded on CaseNEX's widely-adopted DataCation product suite and in partnership with ConnectEDU.

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To download a recording of one of our September webinars, please click on the "Download" button and fill out the form. Then, you will receive a recording, which includes an overview presentation, a demo of DataCation Compass, and a Q&A session.


Key Features

  • Assessment data mapped to Common Core Standards offers support to teachers and students
  • Recommendations Engine delivers relevant content recommendations tailored to students’ needs
  • Learning Maps allow teachers and students to set learning goals and track progress toward those goals
  • Early Warning Indicator Flags identify students based on predetermined metrics and goals
  • Comparison tool provides data-driven reports on how schools or districts stack up against other schools and districts across the state of New York

Key Benefits

For Administrators

  • Streamlines data to view multiple data points on one screen
  • Easily compiles comparison reports—school to school, school to district, district to district, and district to state
  • Equips schools with resources they need to keep their students on track with Common Core Standards
  • Offers content recommendations tailored to specific student needs
  • Utilizes real-time assessment data linked to Common Core Standards to better support teacher and student development

For Teachers

  • Automatically maps student performance to Common Core Standards
  • Recommends content for students based on their individual learning needs
  • Prepares visual learning maps for students to track their progress
  • Utilizes early warning indicator flags to assess which students are on track and which students need assistance
  • Easily compares classroom performance against other schools and districts

What Administrators and Teachers are Saying

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